How I Made My First $10,000

What worked — and didn't work  for landing new clients/customers?

You know, I’m still figuring that out! At first I scoured many different websites for writing work — everything from The Creative Circle to Craigslist — and got some freelance work from my old employer. And then for a while I got most of my new clients from referrals and word-of-mouth. And now that I’ve been working the social media platforms and doing more networking, I’ve been getting work that way, too. I think the biggest thing I’ve come to understand about getting new clients is that the results of one’s methods are not always linear and consistent. At least they aren’t for me. What worked last year may not be as fruitful this year. So it’s good to always brainstorm and network with other freelancers and generally keep your ears open for new ideas and opportunities....

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