We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life. But all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.
— Albert Einstein

Since I’m a storyteller, let me tell you my story. Once upon a time…. Kidding. There’s not much you need to know about my child and teen years except that I have been absolutely in love with the written word as far back as I can remember. I learned to print at the age of four, would routinely check out stacks of books a mile high at the public library, and wrote my first novel when I was ten (the well-worn duo-tang remains unpublished). 

Once I grew up (chronologically, that is), I got an English degree from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, moved to Los Angeles, and got a job at The Hollywood Reporter where I honed my skills of unsolicited grammar correction. In 2006 I was part of a mass layoff and from then on have never looked back on the 9-5 lifestyle. A short film I co-wrote and -produced took me to Japan (as you can see from the photo on the right) where we won third place in the Akira Kurosawa Short Film Festival. I've written 4 novels, 1 non-fiction book, 20 short stories, and 6 screenplays (and have started countless others). I have half a dozen ongoing clients and take on many more projects, I write several blogs, I make grammar cheat-sheet infographics in my spare time, and I read 25-50 books per year. Oh, and I'm crazy about deserted beaches!

This is all to say: I friggin' love the English language. I write. I edit. I perfect. I tell stories. I have to  it's in my blood.

Feel like a quick read? Check out my latest short story on my secret author page!

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